A Class Act!

The worlds only Hand Washable LED Jackets are not only magnificent, but easy to care for, and built to provide years of enjoyment.

For Weddings, Festivals, Night Clubs, Celebrations, Raves, and more. Take` center stage and command the room wearing a magnificent LED jacket!

Toronto Timezone: 647-559-1400 (voice/text)

Magnificent LED jackets are hand made to order.

There is approximately 200 LEDs on each jacket. The LEDs are "individually addressable" with support for over 16 million colors. The LEDs can be all set to the same hue or display mesmerizing wave and chase patterns.

The jackets come with an IR remote control as well as a Blue Tooth App. Up to 5 jackets can be grouped together to synchronize the patterns and colors using Blue Tooth.

The cost is approximately $2,400CDN.

Please reach out to us for more details.

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