Free Shipping

All LED jackets and accessories come with FREE SHIPPING.

Battery Life

LED jackets come with a 3Ah lithium ION battery. A fully charged battery will run the jacket for 4+ hours. It takes 10 hours to recharge. Batteries are held in place using Velcro and can be quickly swapped.

1 Year Warranty

All LED jackets and accessories come with a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Air Transport

As a general rule Lithium ION batteries are prohibited in airline checked luggage. However they can be included in carry on luggage.

You can pack LED jackets in your checked luggage provided your remove the Lithium ION batteries and include them in your carry on baggage.

Check with your carrier regarding the specific rules regarding the transport of "3Ah Lithium ION batteries" before traveling.

Hand Washing

Magnificent LED Jackets are hand washable. Everything on the outside of the jacket is waterproof. However the components on the inside of the jacket are not waterproof. Please follow these steps when washing:

A) Remove 1) battery, 2) controller, 3) sunglasses, and 4) remote control

B) Use Woolite laundry detergent. Apply directly to any areas that are stained. Allow the detergent to work for 20 minutes.

C) Place jacket in a bathtub filled with lukewarm water (max 30C) and Woolite detergent. Gently swish and work the jacket in the water. Allow to soak for 1 hour.

D) Empty the bathtub and refill will plain water. Allow the jacket to soak for 20 minutes.

E) Hang the jacket on the supplied hanger and allow to drip dry. Be sure to do all the buttons and properly fold the collar.

F) Allow jacket to completely dry before reinstalling the components removed in step A. Drying can be sped up by hanging outside in the sun. Also hanging in a closet that has a dehumidifier set to 30% humidity will dry jacket in about 10 hours.