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Free Shipping

Free shipping (with a tracking number) is included with all Magnificent LED jackets.

Jacket battery life?

Magnificent LED jackets come with a 3 watt hour 12VDC lithium ion battery and charger. A fully charged battery will run a jacket for 5+ hours. It takes 10 hours to fully recharge. The battery is a common size used in AV equipment and is readily available to carry a spare for extended usage by swapping the battery.

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How long do LED jackets last?

Magnificent LED jackets are built to give years of service. The LEDs are rated for 10,000+ hours and are waterproof. When the battery, control module, remote control, and accessories (el-wire sunglasses) are removed - the jacket can be hand washed (with lights still in place) like a Kashmir sweater. See website for details.


Magnificent LED Jackets come with a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Air Transport

Most airlines have restrictions on Lithium Ion batteries in luggage. Therefore the LED jackets cannot be packed in checked luggage with the battery in place. The battery is rated at 3 watt-hours (3000 mAh) and can be included in carry on luggage on most airlines. Check with your carrier for details.

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