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This Rechargeable LED Jacket with El wire Sunglasses is perfect for any rave or dance party. With 16 million colors, animated patterns, lively chases, and sound activated effects, you can be the coolest on the dance floor. The jacket and glasses have a 3+ hours operation on low intensity and 1 hour on full brightness (comes with 2 swapable batteries). The jacket is hand washable (see instructions). There's even a remote control. Get ready for your next party and light up the night with this amazing set.

Washable Rechargable LED Jacket with El wire Sunglasses - 36 watt

SKU: 010001
  • The jacket can be washed by hand like a sweater as follows:

    1) remove the battery (velcro)

    2) remove the controller (velcro)

    3) remove the remote control (thether)

    4) remove the El Wire sunglasses and controller (clip)

    Hand wash in 30C max water using Woolite or equivalent hypo-alagenic detergent.

    Hang to drip dry. Button all buttons. Properly fold the colar and pockets.

    Jacket must be completely dry before re-installing the electroinic modules.

    DO NOT use a washing machine, dryer, iron, or dry cleaning.

    For stains pre-treat for 1 hour before washing with Woolite.

  • Power source: 12VDC rechargable Litium battery (120VAC charger included)

    Number of LEDs: 225

    Power Consumption: 36 watts

    Jacket Fabric: white denim


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